Languor (Collective) was formed in 2016 by artist/film maker Max Maxwell & guitarist Leigh Trowbridge.
Max, the primary composer in Languor has worked as a design assistant to Brian Eno and as a
show designer for Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) tours, Feeder, Amnesty International, MoBO awards
and Madame Tussauds.
Leigh Trowbridge is a publisher and an experienced guitarist with 100’s of performances on the live circuit.

Musicians and vocalists in the collective include, Giles Abbott (vox), Joanna Rabeson (vox),
Gia Re (vox), Klara Schumann (cello) Phoebe Tsang (violin), Neil Pond (harm), Leen Hamo (vox),
Joe Leitner (bass), Neil Hope (guitar), Nicky Quartey-Thompson (bass), Iain Gordon-Smith (bass),
Nourhe Khate (guitar), Carola Krebs (cello), Ray Estaire (vox), Irina Markevich (violin),
Nik Bjerre (drums), Rachel Hawkes (vox) and featuring JJ Rosa (guitar/vox)

Lead male vocalist Giles Abbott is registered blind, and is known as ‘the blind storyteller’ on the
storytelling circuit, but his disability has not prevented him for carving a career as a singer and performer.
Lead female vocalist Joanna Rabeson is from Paris and sings with a distinctive and powerful style.
Singer Songwriter JJ Rosa has featured on a number of Languor tracks showcasing her impressive and
idiosyncratic guitar playing.
Cellist Klara Schuman and violinist Phoebe Tsang add their classical overtones and expertise to the
Languor tracks.

Languor’s debut performance was at a prestigious gallery in Islington, London and followed by a
successful show at Underbelly Hoxton.

Debut album “Fall” to be released in 2021.

Girl with a Telescope (Sept.2019) Words and music by Languor   (My drawings come to life… with my spyglass I can dream) You deceived me, you controlled me. You stole my soul, but I’m not giving up From the darkness to the light The closing door will scare me no more He’s the sandman of your dreams , He’s the sandman of your dreams As the moonlight fills my room…the drawings come alive… With the unicorn by my side, I no longer need to hide…in fear. You deceived me, you betrayed me. You stole my soul, but I’m not giving up Out of darkness I’ll find the light Through the trees, over streams, the sun will rise and be my guide He’s the sandman of your dreams , He’s the sandman of your dreams As I wipe away my tears The hands will stop The shadows will go The lines will fade And my mind will be set free Your scent will leave me…forever My body has been taken, But it still belongs to me Here I am standing tall With my back to the scene Looking towards the horizon To the place I want to be Somewhere to dance with the tigers Somewhere to live my dreams… forever He’s the sandman of your dreams … of your dreams …live your dreams